Jung Technique

The integration of the soul as a therapeutic process. We are living a time of profound changes at the level of consciousness. For those who follow the information about the year 2012, you know that many ancient cultures speak of transformers and positive changes for humanity. They say that Earth will increase from the third dimension to the fifth, speaks of an expansion of consciousness. This process involves an internal evolution, integration of the soul. Those parts of us that generate us suffering, such as sadness, aggressiveness, fears are aspects that accompany us, as small orphans, who can be and need to be integrated.

The process of integration of the soul, being that we are is the encounter with these parts of ourselves in order to integrate them and give back them their genuine energy quality. Curiously these energy patterns contain in themselves their opposites, i.e. where the person feels weakness there is fortress, where he feels sadness, there is joy psychology within the transpersonal therapy allows performing psychological at a deep level, means the person as a consciousness that manifests itself in a physical plane, mental and emotional, as well as spiritual, what joins the development of techniques to work with the subconscious, beyond where reside the wounds, the beliefs that limit us, but also the potential for change. Increasingly more people perform an inner spiritual search and seek a psychological work that takes into account the dimension of the soul. In fact the word psychology comes from the Greek and means: psycho, soul and lodge, knowledge. Carl G. Jung returned to its meaning as a study of the soul and thus transpersonal psychology shared the framework of the deep psychology of Jung, in what is transpersonal, that which goes beyond personality and where resides a great knowledge and healing power. The technique of the integration of the soul gives access to this knowledge and use the person’s potential to heal wounds and integrate what us causes anguish, fear, helplessness, sadness technique It is simple but with great power of change, it is a process of internal dialogue that takes place in a State of relaxation, which has access to information related to the profound being of the person.

It is interesting to perform with the company of a therapist, but it is a technique that experienced once can be used by the person when you need it. When the emotions to heal are strong, with any technique is better to be accompanied by a therapist. Increasingly more psychology develops techniques that have become self-help resources increasing personal skills to follow closer to the being that we are and learn to recognize us as souls, with a great personal space that goes beyond our body, mind and emotional world. Often in that State of relaxation people experience States of great peace and serenity, feelings of freedom and be complete, that they are qualities of the soul, integrated soul.