Operation Traffic -Check

Operation summer traffic: avoiding accidents at this point in the holiday, there is to remember all those drivers who made their car journeys a few essential tips to avoid accidents. On dates key of beginning and end of holidays, early, middle and late for the months of July and August, the Department of the Interior, as every year, organized the special trafficking operations of departure and return, which include an increase in specific patrols of the grouping of traffic, reinforcement of highway toll booths, as well as other measures of information such as the distribution of brochures with tips to prevent accidents, information through the panels of the traffic management center on withholdings and alternative routes, helicopters with cameras that will monitor the State of the roads, etc. For those who use their own vehicles, vehicles leased or renting for their journeys, the first gold standard is the wisdom behind the wheel. Once this golden rule is respected, there are a number of tips that we cannot forget. Firstly, those which relate to the maintenance of the car:-look at the tires and make sure that your pressure is correct and that have no cracks. -Check the proper functioning of all the lights. -Check the level of brake fluid. -Check the position of the mirrors.

-Take the clean crystals to ensure visibility. Secondly, councils relating to the attitude of the driver:-avoid night driving since it produces fatigue and drowsiness. -It is very important to stop every two hours to stretch your legs. -Wear appropriate clothing and footwear. -It is advisable to fill the tank, already that we can find situations of withholding. -Should leave rested and having slept enough the night before. -You should avoid heavy meals. -With regard to travel, it is best to avoid them, and if there is no more remedy, do it safely, without advancing to more than one car every time. -On motorways and highways should circulate on the right, using the left lane only to advance. -Take refreshing drinks that hydrate and suppress alcoholic beverages, including beer and wine, since decrease glare and provoke recklessness behind the wheel. Original author and source of the article

Skin Cancer

Do many of us not we enjoy a beautiful sunny day? In general, we have a good perception of the Sun, because we enjoy a warm weather and summer, especially when it comes to outdoor activities. The Sun is an essential element for life on the planet and has positive effects on our body, as for example the stimulation of the synthesis of vitamin D. But rarely are aware of the damage-causing sun rays on our skin; even though the effects are not visible immediately or in the short term, the damage accumulates with the passage of time. Solar energy, also known as ultraviolet rays (UV rays), affect from the outermost layer to the deeper layers of the skin. Many times the skin changes attributed to the old, such as wrinkles and dark spots, are consequence of prolonged exposure to the Sun. This type of premature aging is caused by the incidence of solar rays into the layers of skin, which impairs the production of collagen, frees radicals libres and inhibits skin self-healing mechanisms. Ultraviolet rays are also considered as the environmental factor of increased risk in the occurrence of skin cancer, which is the most common cancer in the United States. This is one of the reasons why in recent years the sunscreen has become so important, beyond the merely aesthetic consequences. But this does not mean that we can not seize the sunny days, or that we have to stop enjoying the summer, simply must take certain precautions to prevent damage from the Sun on the skin.