New York City Group

“New York drug-free-world team a whole generation of New Yorkers to a drug-free life would help the New York City Group of the Foundation for a drug-free World” was founded in 2006 and is now a driving force in the urban drug education. Over a million people in the greater New York are drug – or alcohol-dependent. These are over five percent of the city’s residents. Educators in all five parts of the city (Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, the Bronx and Staten Iceland) told that their main concern was the consumption of marijuana. The myth there before, that this drug was harmless.

The concerns of educators is so entitled. According to a report by the U.S. Department of health 40 percent of American high school students have tried about marijuana one-fifth of them already before the age of 13 years. Almost a quarter of all surveyed students in the United States admitted to have consumed marijuana in the past month. Drug abuse among teenagers is a serious problem. A study of the National Authority for addiction and substance abuse shows that any U.S.

citizens who are drug addicts, started 90 percent with the consumer in their tea Negro often with marijuana. “With the truth about drugs” the necessary support is granted the youth, as proposed by the New York City Group the Foundation for a drug-free world “will be deployed. It was founded Meghan Fialkoff, by the 28-year Scientologist who also leads this Foundation. Meghan was born in long Iceland in New York and grew up there. In the year 2002 Meghan las relation at the University of Maryland, the book by L. Ron Hubbard during her studies for public a new view of life”. She was immediately aware that Scientology was exactly what she was looking for. After a year she had completed from the cleansing program – all steps of the Scientology-grade.