SP Crosstrainer Technogym

Even more pleasure on the training in the gym with the Vario excite 700 SP Crosstrainer Technogym equipment the three new cross trainer in the health-oriented gym fitness oasis in Worth maximum adaptability and unlimited movement characterized by. The Vario excite 700 SP suitable for joint-gentle training of the lower body area, as well as for an effective total body workout. Cardio training is one of the most important methods of training in the gym. There is movement units that run when a certain heart rate and at least 30 minutes at a time. For maximum efficiency and at the same time exercising multiple muscles the of the renowned Italian manufacturer Technogym cross trainer are perfectly suited, which equips since 1983 mainly fitness and leisure facilities all over the world with its high-quality exercise equipment. Fitness OASIS Worth invested 700 SP in three new cross trainer of type Vario excite.

Fitness OASIS are the members even better training conditions before. The Vario excite 700 SP was developed on the basis of biomechanical studies. It takes account of posture and motion paths, ensuring a perfect balancing of the workload. So the training less perceived exhausting, the user creates more in less time. For this type of device, the calorie consumption is highest. Therefore, it is suitable especially for effective fat burning workout. He is resilient up to 160 kg. The entry is also for users, the little or have no experience with cardio training on cross trainers, very easy.

The distance of the pedals from the ground is only small and lateral handrails make use also very safe. The patent pending self starting system by Technogym is a device that also simplifies the start on the Vario excite. The training on the Vario excite Crosstrainer is very easy on the joints. All movements that can be performed on the device, only minimal burden on the joints and run fluent and safe.