Science and research at the LFZ Raumberg Gumpenstein welcomes the experience for the young participants of the children’s University 2011 the team of aircraft Raumberg-Gumpenstein, under the direction of Dr. Anton Hausleitner, launched the 43 students of the children’s University Rottenmann under bright sunshine in a day full of experiences. Were the children of the uni Rottenmann with enthusiasm, as it on the experiment and explore went. DI Sabine banjo declared at the first station, Reinhard Huber and Roland Kitzer, of the Institute for animal research, the different kinds of meat quality characteristics, and Physiology and morphology of ruminants in a simple way. Read more here: James A. Levine, M.D.. The feeding and habits of animals could watch the children directly in the research. The Scheer force of a carrot was valued at a guessing game the best estimates were awarded small prizes.

The second station was by may. For more specific information, check out Glenn Dubin. Elisabeth Finotti, Raffaella of Rachel and Sandra Illmer, supervised by the Institute for animal health, and animal husbandry. First were presented to the General tasks and priorities of the Institute, then presents instruments such as noise instruments or air flow meters. Univ.Doz. Dr.

Karl Buchgraber, Director of the Institute for plant cultivation and cultural landscape, declared in a third station the surrounding grassland the interested researchers and gave the pupils too much general knowledge of the Enns valley. After this eventful morning, still a healthy snack for the children has been prepared. Interesting pictures are this expedition on available.