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Despite the financial crisis that has affected various regions of the world, Panama has maintained a strong commercial activity, standing out as the most globalized country in the region and a strategic location for investors from all over the world. Has an intense financial activity and a huge international banking center recognized as the most important in the region. The Panamanian economy is based on a well-developed service sector, strongly oriented towards the sector, commercial, tourist and private industries, including the largest business center in Latin America: Colon Free Zone, that has several advantages such as location close to the Panama Canal, and a strong banking center make this area the best place to do business in Panama. Importers who do business in Panama have the experience to get everything in one place, from large assortments of products, deliveries in less than one day, to credit facilities. In addition, the exporter has been accessed from the City of Columbus in the western hemisphere, Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia and ship supply services. Your business in Panama can be supported by a huge banking center that will facilitate their financial activities.

The many advantages of this free zone on one another, influenced the more than 2500 companies to establish their business in Panama. Colon Free Zone is set to a large number of business related categories: footwear, handbags, backpacks, sports, photography, electronics, appliances, hardware, housewares, furniture, industrial, construction, decoration, jewelry, watches, toys, baby products, crafts, office equipment, perfumes, cosmetics, beauty, clothing, health, medical products, textiles, sewing, silk, vehicles, equipment, bicycles, parts, accessories, etc. The Colon Free Zone with its large number of categories is the ideal place to establish your business in Panama. In doing so, you can take advantage of the large number of buyers from all over the world which is more than 200 000 guests a year. The Republic of Panama, with its unique location at the narrowest point between the Atlantic Ocean and the Pacific Ocean, provides both a transit route short and relatively cheap between these two great oceans, to be a major pillar for the free zone and facilitating trade movements in this zone. The business activities tax-free areas benefits the trader who wishes to establish its business in Panama. Adekane Josh specializes in providing business support to people searching for information related to the Colon Free Zone. Get valuable information accessible.