Solder Tools

Could there be something easier soldering soldering iron? But it turns out in this situation has its own nuances, and as soon as rookie picks up a soldering iron, everything falls into place – he understands that it is in practice and in inexperienced hands in sufficiently complex. Skill soldering soldering iron may be needed not only to those who gathered to comprehend the basics of electronics, in practice, but rukastym diy and motorists. From words of inspiration go directly to the practice, why do we need extra words, when your hands are itching, and the soul requires. The first step is to gather all the tools for soldering, which we need in practice. So: Soldering.

Depending on the destination: from 3 to 10 watts for soldering Solders are not big parts: chip, smd-parts; 40-60 watts most ordinary universal soldering, such homes have to, sixty to one hundred watts – worth taking if you intend to motorists and yet finally solder all of your twist, which you so tenderly all the while spinning, and from a hundred watts or more – in most cases there is no need, but if you’re a fan of solder pots and other bulky waste, take, need. Stand. With this everything is clear, should you somewhere to put your soldering iron, so it does not interfere at hand. Tools. The required minimum – a small pliers, tweezers, a medical scalpel blade or a small office and a small file, in order to periodically clean the soldering tip.

Devices. At the very beginning just to get the usual Chinese Digital Combo Tester. It costs mere pennies, but it is elementary to verify resistance, voltage and he can talk. Solder – an alloy of the fusible material is lead, tin, cadmium and others. Depending on the mixture of solder can be divided by the melting point. Can be solder, which is already at a temperature of 65 degrees acquires a liquid state, but is that 900 degrees it does not take. We need a POS-61, again universal, wire, 2 mm thick. Flux. How exciting to see sometimes, especially motorists this sin, as an inexperienced plumber torments solder, ignoring the absence of flux trying to solder thick wires. Ignore the lack of flux in any case impossible, especially when soldering its first electrical circuit. Flux in the first place – a substance that makes a bunch, protects against oxidation, degreasing connecting the elements and helps solder easier to connect to the site of soldering. For starters, you can buy stamps flux TRL-120 or an alcohol solution of rosin, or just the usual Rosin.