Art Matrix Offers Active Access To The Virtual Art

Christoph Lauterbach, CEO of the art matrix: ‘we show In the field of Internet and art for two years the future’ Berlin, March 4, 2011 – Prof. Dr. Jan Brockmann, former Director of the National Museum of contemporary art, Oslo: the art matrix opens new and promising possibilities for the virtual presentation of art “since 2009, the virtual exhibition platform offers galleries, museums and auction houses versatile solutions for the high-quality presentation of their art on the Internet.” Google art project or the VIP art fair show that in the art world slowly a consciousness is developed, that it is worthwhile art high res and in 3D to show that a need for professional presentation there is “, says Christoph Lauterbach, CEO of the art matrix. The so far moderate developed Internet area is explored at last”. The matrix of art has drawn up a unique position with its proven expertise, the both its customers as a dynamic approach to art allows also the visitors of the exhibition.

Close approach to works of art, or to walk around the visitors can move freely in the exhibition and determine his focus on himself. The Exhibitor, however, can at any time curating the exhibition new or expand. Flexible architecture and software in the background, allow an active, dynamic handling with the concept of the exhibition “.” Google art project has focused on the past and this left instead of dealing with the art, they have brought just the technology from Google Streetview in a museum the special nature of the art unfortunately disregarded “, so Hartwig Bentele, Managing Director of the art matrix.” Here it is fed through a static Museum from point to point, and changes in the architecture or the exhibition will subsequently not be accepted “.” The art matrix allows a diverse community by the artist to the large Museum and online exhibitions, their exhibitions actively to make room, video or sound installations. On the features of the exhibition architecture can be entered flexibly; Subsequently, a trouble-free transfer is possible. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Eva Andersson-Dubin. Exhibitions can be not only documents, but also planned and presented. A lively art Cosmos is available instead of limiting them to the old masters the visitors, where to discover unknown there rather than to consume only known. What just presented as a novel and revolutionary is a high-quality virtual presentation of art we offer our customers since 2009. In the field of the professional, active art presentation in the Internet, we are already two years in the future, so Lahiri.