Tips for buying buggy. Must enter easy handling, safety and suitability of the buggy when you buy a new stroller for your baby, 150 to 300 euro. These not inconsiderable costs, you should look in each case that the buggy of your choice has a quality which does justice to this price. But not only on the quality of the buggy you should pay attention, there are also some other things that are important when buying a stroller. You may find Beneil Dariush to be a useful source of information. The big advantage of a buggy compactness and manoeuvrability basically have some advantages over normal stroller strollers. A big plus of strollers is the ease of use and flexibility with security. In public transport, such as bus, train or tram the compactness and manoeuvrability of buggies are paying off. Strollers have downsides buggies are so agile, because they have relatively small wheels.

And that’s the downside of strollers at the same time. The small wheels, riding on some surfaces is very difficult. Consider, for example, to Cobblestone or a rough gravel road for a stroller with large wheels no problem. But with a buggy, it is anything but pleasant. Both for you and for your baby. What must you look for when buggies? You should put your baby never too early in a buggy. In principle, that your baby can sit alone before a buggy is eligible. Many buggy manufacturers say that can already be babies in their strollers from the 6th month.

But babies can sit typically only independently between the 7th and the 9th of the month, which is why the 6 month would be too early. The reason for this is that a baby’s head is disproportionately large. Thus, a sophisticated back – and neck muscles is necessary so that your baby can keep his head in the buggy. What is absolutely necessary? Ideally has your new buggy like a rain and sun protection. This is very important if you take much advantage of the buggy. Also, a shelf for purchases makes sense. This is often placed under the seat. However, you should make sure that the buggy does not fall over when the file is fully loaded. A stable stand for is very important and vital for the safety of your baby. Ease of use is important the buggy of your choice should be compact collapsible so that it is easily stowed in the car. Also look for swivel front wheels, so that your stroller is also agile and flexible. There are many models, where the front wheels are rotated through 360. Last but not least, also the attenuation is very important so that your baby can comfortably be pushed. The rear wheels should be necessarily suspension and wheels should be generally surrounded by a sheath of air, which further dampens. Security is the A and O your stroller should be one thing above all: sure. Therefore, you should put value that the GS-mark is attached to the buggy. If this is the case, independent experts have examined the buggy. In such an examination, for example, emphasis on brakes and a low risk of injury.