Range Food Sink

Kitchen sinks made of composite materials have appeared not so long ago, but experts believe they will be most in demand at present. They are busy producing well-known European campaign – Benthor, Blanco, Franke and others. Recipes materials consist of different components, but the essence is – the basis (it can be glass, quartz sand, granite grit) and filler (rubber, resin, acrylic paints, dyes). Brand Luisina, as a brilliant representative of all innovative achievements in the production of kitchen equipment, has won the attention of consumers kitchen sinks made of high-composite material Luisigranit. This article briefly highlights the main characteristics kitchen sink is made of this material. First, the composition of the material. Luisigranit is 80% quartz and 20% – it’s acrylic and dyes. Quartz, as a solid part of granite, gives the material a particular strength.

As a binder component uses a high-quality acrylic polymer, which gives the high reliability of the car wash, even at great depths of the bowl. Serious selection of dyes provides an excellent, stable and complete staining material Luisigranit. What is the criterion for selection of kitchen sink? Of course, the convenience and comfort in everyday use, durability, and appearance, blending in with the built-in kitchen appliances and fit into the overall style of cuisine. All this is achieved thanks to the exceptional properties of Luisigranit.Tverdaya sink like a rock, and homogeneous in composition (no cover, such as enamel) wash safe from chipping and resistant to damage caused by the random falling into her subjects and scratches from steel appliances and posudy.Povyshennaya heat resistance allows composite sink of withstanding temperatures of 100 degrees. more than 3000 times, and utensils with hot liquid with temperature of 220 degrees. 5 minutes does not leave any traces on the surface. New double containment system LuisiClean, which operates at all times using washing, washing Luisigranit gives antibacterial protection and prevents stains from the coloring products, tk liquid does not penetrate the surface, thereby washing away without a trace. This protective system is that the composition of the material Luisigranit includes a number of silver ions which are released when using a car wash and protect its surface from breeding bakteriy.Poverhnost sink for the kitchen is resistant to almost all household chemical formulations used in the kitchen, not suffers from contact with acid and alkali.

Very smooth, without pores, the surface provides a complete hygienic – it does not stay fat, liquid colorants and products do not leave sledov.Luisigranit as environmentally friendly product meets all the requirements that apply to goods for use with food. And the daily care of this sink is very simple – just take a sponge and water, if necessary – cleaning paste. But the ease and ease of care – this is a very important factor in the operation of washing. Original color washing remains for a long time, due to excellent resistance to ultraviolet radiation. Finally, important also beautiful appearance composite sink, caused by warm surface, elegant and functional design, the similarity with natural stone, a large selection of deep and rich colors. Because of the manufacture of composite material and products from it, designers have the opportunity to give their imagination and professionalism in the selection of shape and color washes. So, for almost any style of cuisine you can pick up a composite sink marks Luisina.

Current Luxury Marble Mosaics Mosaic

Many centuries ago, marble mosaic has been an inherent part of the most magnificent palaces of the rich and the whole world. It's been more than one century, and the brilliant marble mosaic is still in demand and still relevant. Modern beautiful mosaic of marble – is one of the most practical and widely used materials for decoration room or finishing the inside or the individual objects in the room. Thanks to the skill of modern designers, and high-quality raw materials, as well as a large color assortment of marble mosaic, today with its help you can easily recreate both the eastern and European atmosphere of the interior, wherever in the world you have not lived. Contribute to using marble mosaic design in bright and variegated colors easily, as well as beautify the original drawings and designs. With proper use of marble mosaic, it will enjoy the beauty of your interior is very, very long. In addition to interior home, decorated with marble mosaic facade, lay out paths to the house, pool, finished stairways.

Even in ancient times, talented architects and designers, creating a beautiful mural marble mosaic, decorated so luxurious interior. Thanks to the strength and richness of color, features a mosaic of marble are very large. And it's just incredible, as marble mosaic successfully fit into the antique interiors and still continues to be in demand today. To manufacture the marble mosaic using only the highest quality natural stone, marble, that such a mosaic could be responsible all the modern necessary requirements of high quality. With marble mosaics can beautify and transform any interiors by adding a stylish luxury.