Thyroxine: Thyroid Tablets Must Be Taken Regularly

Otherwise serious side effects are possible tablets for a lifetime: who got away to the thyroid, have to replace the hormones with tablet-taking. For many patients a disturbing idea. But hormone experts give the all-clear. A Gardner is to allow, to determine his life of tablets for many patients. Too big fear of the side effects is the knowledge about the actual effect of the little colorful things too low. It is especially bad, if patients must take drugs without that they feel really bad, like in thyroid disease.

In an interview with the online health magazine endocrinologist (hormone specialist) Prof. warns Dr. med. Klaus Mann before however, thyroid tablets only, depending on the mood of day to take. The personal rescue medication when the thyroid gland is completely worthless, because the effect of the medication slowly and the half-life of the active ingredient thyroxine is about seven days. That is, if the patient is off his medication, It takes a week, until the effect of the drug has been cut in half”, as the expert. Rather, interrupting the ingestion can lead to side effects.