The fact that parents are often to the future the question arises: How could correctly name their child? In fact the name of a favorite child recruitment is a challenge, a lot of serious responsibility lies with the the shoulders of parents. In centuries past, without enthusiasm, with the least importance, but now people have realized that the name is enough powerfully affects the fate and health of the child. After all, it is parents do not know but how to correctly identify the child. In the 18th century the names of the children were given a special list, and he was poor, because it happened so many people with similar names, but now it is not good, and so the school suddenly appears in the group a lot of children whose names are similar and therefore it is necessary will call the names of girls and boys. However, do not bend much stick and look for unusual or nezvuchnye names and still know the value of male or female name for your baby to try to find more suitable name to the child. You do not need narekat child the same name as their dead ancestors, or the child will take home the character, because it is important that your baby is considered a person. Names can often be given twice, first assign native, the middle name be named as an Orthodox priest who baptized are called name-last value of the second society's meant a great, even as personal names, carried out by the way, this Orthodox holiday with some effort, now in our time, this day can not be considered valid.