Small Energy Mystery

It's no secret to the fact that each of us in our lives is faced with a condition where the vital energy is in decline and no matter what do not have enough forces. What causes the loss of energy and how to get their new power? Than You can recover depleted energy? These questions, we give an answer, revealing little "energy" mystery man. What keeps our energy Firstly it is a healthy, useful, rich in vitamins and micronutrient nutrition. You've probably noticed that after a delicious to eat, you immediately increase the mood. So the council's number one – start your day with a delicious, light breakfast and your day will be more positively. Favorite work. Moderate physical and mental work conserve energy. Good music, good sleep and the light will give you new strength.

Charge energy Water Treatments (especially in open water). Daily walk (if you do not have enough free time, at least 15 minutes a day should be paid to walk in the fresh air). Small adventures. Best wishes and compliments from the fans give you strength and confidence in itself. Communication with the good and wise people always bring in your life a lot of useful. Communication with loved animals, caring for plants.

When you have a bad mood, shift your attention to your pet, watch out for its behavior. Soon you will forget about all the bad things. Laughter and humor – the best doctors. More often joking, by – more laugh. Learn a humorous take their problems, and your energy will always be on the rise. Energy taken smoked cigarette in the morning before taking breakfast. Smoking is "stealing" your vitamins, lack of which, in turn, adversely affects the condition of the whole organism. Bad friends who care only about their interests, constantly talk about their problems and never hear you. Frustration when every time the soul dies a little dream. Self-doubt and suspicion. Unloved work. Not properly chosen profession when it comes to do not their job. Dishonest employees, when you notice that you are deceived. Scandals. Meticulously and constantly dissatisfied with the authorities. Annoying neighbors. So in our life there is always someone or something that will help you spoil your mood and knock you off track. Learn how not to lock in bad. Most often, pay attention to all the good things, even if minor, but bright and pleasant moments in your life. Communicate, to the extent possible, with the people with whom you are nice and helpful to spend their time. Avoid envy, and negative attitude towards you people. Communication with them except for the problems you will fail. In short, do everything possible to accumulate positive energy, and in any case do not spend it in vain. Give your energy only for their benefit, then it comes back to you tenfold. Then you will always feel healthier and live longer in good and happiness.