Car Repairs

Removal of the wing is not easy and the heavy work, so you need to understand how it's done. Usually the wings are attached to the car in front three points behind the top wing and the wing and the bottom. Before you start parsing and loosening bolts you need to detach all the appropriate wires to the wing. Learn more on the subject from Dr. John Mcdougall. If there is a need to remove staples them too, staples as supporting the bottom of the wing. After removing the staples, start to unscrew the bolts bolted bottom. Gradually moving along the edge of the wheel arches, unscrew all attachment of the wing.

Leave a otkruchennymi, the two screws that are very large washers and rubber bushings. Thus, the wing is still holding the two bolts and not much has fallen. Then proceed to the screws, which are usually bolted along the lower edges of the wing. Self is still on the wheel flanges of a niche – they also need to unscrew. The next step will detach the panel connecting the front wings – when she is, of course! When removing the wings are encouraged to work together because, as an automobile assembly as a wing weighs quite a lot.

Proceed with the removal of the wing, lifting it up is removed and put aside. If need be take the other wing, it is similar to that described above. On most vehicles, the wings are removed in this way. So now you have an idea of how to do it and not be embarrassed if you have this stalknutsya, good luck! Now I would like to talk about the stages of preparing the car to the paint work being done every experienced automotive painter. Before starting the body work, car must first be thoroughly prepared. To get rid of old paint, because the next step is to apply a uniform layer of putty, to maximize the alignment surface on the repaired car. When applying putty to the body you have to make sure that the machine, cleaned of old paint and dirt, everything must be sterile as a pharmacy. The remaining waste could then form bubbles that spoil the kind of work, so I think it is clear why, we need sterility. Otgryazi usually be cleaned with a machine and blown compressor. Before you paint a car, you need to protect the paint and cellophane places that should not be painted. You can use plain paper and tape for this. Usually you hit close to paint, windows, bumpers, moldings, door handles, etc. Once done you can begin preparation for painting. All these preparations will help to paint the car gently and beautifully.

What Crash Tests Are Reliable?

Another organization to conduct crash tests of cars, which we will consider today – NHTSA (National Hihgway Traffic Safety Administration) – The administration of the national transportation security. What is the rating system they use? This organization uses a 5-star rating system. Five stars means a high degree of protection, one star is a low degree of protection. What is included in this ranking? Cars as well as in the IIHS does not have the overall evaluation, and estimated degree of protection for the driver and passenger. In the frontal test, than estimated in the front seat passenger, side impact is considered a passenger behind the driver. What tests are conducted for the evaluation? 1. Frontal collision.

2. Lateral collision with a car. 3. Testing the car on the possibility of revolution. What test conditions and that this check? 1.

Frontal impact: The head-on situation collision test car with the car takoyzhe weight and size. The clash is the full width of the front of the avtmobilya, at a speed of 56km / h. Measure the protection of the head, chest, left and right legs. As a driver and passengers are considered men of medium build. 2. Lateral collision with a car: We consider the situation when in the test car enters the other vehicle at a speed of 62 km / h, the weight of the car equal to 1368kg. Place of contact – the lateral portion of the test vehicle in the driver’s and passenger’s door. Measurements of protecting the head, chest and pelvis, performed at the driver and passenger seated behind the driver. The size and weight of the driver and passengers are the size of an average adult. 3. Testing the car on the possibility of revolution: In this study examined the probability of coup car, with a sharp change in trajectory at a certain speed. We consider the situation when the motion in a straight line at speeds of 56 to 80km / h, the driver turns the steering wheel sharply to the left (turn of the wheel about 270 degrees), and a second later a sharp turn at the wheel right (turn of the wheel about 540 degrees).