So we stick with the entire front side bumper. The purpose of tape is simple – to protect the bumper from unnecessary traces of adhesive and foam streaks. And most important – it's all the same foam. You can ask anyone who has worked with "Makrofleks" about how to scrub the surface. I think you'll be told how it is almost impossible to do. At McDougall Program you will find additional information. So neatly cover the surface with tape.

To plot the masking tape labels, which will indicate the pattern for our future bumper. Cut the foam into small pieces and pasted on the stencil. Once all the pieces of foam glued to the edges of the anchoring Styrofoam pieces of cardboard or drawing paper. You can fasten on that same tape. The purpose of this board to keep the foam to the extent that how you will deal until dry. Once the foam is glued, take the hands "Makrofleks" and begin apply a little space between the foam plastic foam. Do this very carefully! Do not forget that "Makrofleks" has a feature to increase in volume after application to the surface.

After the application and completion of all surfaces, let the foam dry. Once the foam is frozen, can begin to move to the next stage of our work. Carefully remove the pieces of cardboard or drawing paper. Take in the hands of a sharp knife. It is best to use ordinary office with a thin-bladed knife. I advise you to also take advantage of zero sandpaper.