Blood Glucose

This onkoopasny product that destroys the immune system. In general, the rejection of sweet – one of the essential conditions of guaranteed weight loss and good health. But it is easier to do this? There is a concept of food habits, "can not live without …." We can talk about sweets, meat, coffee, etc. The reason for the changes in eating habits is often a medical diagnosis, in this example may be, respectively, diabetes, gout, high blood pressure. So, after a complete (necessary complete) failure of the product pull him passes through a 2 – 5 weeks. The fact that the morning tea with sugar – it's just a habit – is clear. But sometimes it really wants a sweet.

Why and how to deal with that? The fact that hunger arises only when the level of glucose in the blood drops below a certain threshold. That quickly raise glucose? Of course a couple of candy or cake. In response to this (because of initially low glucose and its subsequent jump) in the blood is thrown over- insulin. And he has a short time to transport glucose from the blood for energy needs of the organism. So, if you just do not run cross or are not experiencing severe stress, all the sweets eaten by a number of transformations are deposited on the "favorite" places in the form of fat. So, to overcome the habit of snacking on sweets, to maintain a stable blood glucose levels. This is achieved by carbohydrate breakfast and preventing hunger (fractional power).