Holy Writs

Where it places you to God, either in the family, the work, any place, those beings are its so that you have taken them the Christ. God already granted you and &#039 to them; ' God never you will leave and never you desamparar' ' , that is, where you it will be, God will be with you. It is not by chance that It said the Joshua ' ' it strengthens you and it has mui with nimo' ' , this means nor fanatism much less esfriamento. But it is strengthenn to live in harmony with the Word of God! ' ' Not if aside remark of your mouth the book of this law; before medita in it day and night, so that you have care to make as to everything how much in it is written; because then you will make to prosper your way, and will be successful. ' ' Joshua 1:8 But as to make this? God gave the tip of as to make this: he learns to say as the Word of God. How much to the illness, what God teaches in them to speak? That I already was cured by the wounds of Jesus, I am cited in Isaiah.

Then he does not confess never more than you are sick, but also she does not leave to make its medical treatments. He says the Word of God in accordance with and he has not accepted the opposite. Medite of day and night in the Holy Writs and thinks as the Word of God. The man is free to think, therefore the others cannot read its thoughts and nor its intentions that are in the heart, God is only capable to make this! Who thinks about the adultery one and it does not banish it, is so vendido to the enemy how much the practitioner of such act.