Innovations increase productivity for dealers and manufacturers of self-adhesive Wolnzach, July 12, 2010: two innovations contribute more productivity in the processing of digital print media, self-adhesive films and other media to this target that NEPATA, developer of solutions for the advertising technology, 2010 presents on FESPA: a increases the NEPATA UA630 the precision and speed of Assembly processes. On the other hand, the newly developed procedure for the industrial manufacture of color sample cards allows fast and especially cost-efficient production of color sample cards. UA 630: New machine the foil packaging working future automated which allows developed UA630 NEPATA, quickly, easily and accurately to wrap a wide variety of films and to cut. On a length of 1,000 mm, the deviation at the wrap is less than 1 mm. A special control software optimized blanks.

The UA630 achieved a productivity gain of more than 40 percent compared to manual cutting. It is time “and money saved,” says Fabian Franke, CEO of NEPATA. Also the merchandise management is simplified by the UA630: the automatic printing of labels with bar code helps the UA630 professional warehouse management and reduce the error rates in the shipping. The UA630 is performed live at the fair, is a family of machines by recoiling – and length machines, which meets all requirements and wishes of the industrial practice of advertising technology suppliers part. For all thanks to low production costs in addition to the UA630, NEPATA color sample cards shows also a novel and innovative process for the industrial production of color sample cards. With this procedure, color sample cards can be automatically, quickly, flexibly and therefore extremely cost-effective to produce.

The NEPATA production process produces color sample cards for self adhesive films and other materials according to the individual requirements of companies in large-scale production. As a result the real production costs significantly”, says Franke. The company provides us only the raw material in major roles such as in 50 m barrel length. On the basis of the specific wishes and preferences of the customers the NEPATA GmbH done then all more. “, as Franke next. Thanks to the significantly lower production costs are the customer completely new possibilities for using their color pattern cards. For example, as a side dish in mailings or journals or as give-aways at trade fairs. Learn more interested in the Internet about the UA630 and the new production process for color sample cards see: