There are various ways, financed an internship abroad to leave. Popular scholarships like this are LEONARDO da Vinci or ERASMUS programme. The LEONARDO da Vinci programme (for vocational education and training) and the ERASMUS programme (for higher education) two very good, but rather unknown financing sources for an internship abroad. Lifelong learning programme, running the concept of the European Union”and LEONARDO is the largest program to promote stays abroad in the vocational education and training according to the Federal Institute for vocational training (BiBB). It promotes international professional competence, which is no longer indispensable in today’s labour market. The ERASMUS program has taken over this program the part for internships by students in foreign companies by LEONARDO da Vinci and allows traineeships of between three to twelve months in a different country of ERASMUS.

The German Academic Exchange service (DAAD) is the national agency, Awarding of grants is responsible. Usually every college has an Office of the DAADs spot check is worthwhile! There are valuable information for application deadlines with or without internship and documents to be admissions certificate subjects overview, a letter of motivation. Each College is in this respect like information you must only ask! Who has already received an internship place commitment must first be the company description and Job Description (filled out by the supervisor in the company) submit Office to the competent LEONARDO (many LEONARDO offices have also Internet pages, which provide the forms to download!). All documents must be received there completely, until the application is processed and tested the company as well as the placement on eligibility. Positive agreement and a training agreement are issued following a placement. If these documents establishing internship and the educational institution (and of course of the) Interns) signed at the LEONARDO Office exist, the grant can be paid. The amount of funding is not based on income or those of the parents, on the contrary, the cost of living in the country form the scale.

So it is logical that students in Eastern European countries receive less than for example in GB or Spain. The scholarship of up to four hundred euros is paid monthly in a first instalment of 80% of the total, there are the last 20% after completion of the internship, if all statements were submitted on time. Sounds quite simple and it is. The biggest advantage of the BAfoG is that the money must not be paid back. Also here is the visit to the local DAAD Office worthwhile. More scholarships: there is a scholarship database on the Internet pages of the German Academic Exchange service (DAAD). A search under the combination of Economics, Spain, and students are 16 programmes shown (as April 12, 2010), such that Programme short scholarships for internships in the context of foreign-related courses. In addition to a description, application requirements, and deadlines, can be found also indication of the possible amounts of scholarship and what documents are needed for an application. For this scholarship, you can apply with a desired duration of up to 3 months. In summary, it can be said that it is important to take the initiative and to obtain information from the competent authorities. From sitting around it defies even!