Consumer Loans

Live well! A good life is even better! Phrase from a movie about Vitsin, Nikulin Morgunova. Get a consumer loan today is easy. Perhaps, even, very easy! And foolish not to take advantage of the opportunities offered to us modern banking system. But here's the problem. Credit – a financial instrument, and they need to be skillfully exploited. Otherwise – trouble! Too many people perceive the loan is not like money, but as manna from heaven, buying goods, that exceed their financial capabilities. How many times, asking why people bought just this thing that he would never have bought for cash, I heard about one and the same phrase: "So a loan, not for money back!" People just do not believe the credit money and the price paid for such ignorance comes very quickly.

Here is an example of life. One former classmate of my wife asked me to find her a new refrigerator. Broke the old one. And no money. Terms were as follows: payment of not more than 400 rubles a month, a down payment should not be, because money is only for delivery to the village on the type Tmutarakan and then "to the eyeballs." The total purchase amount should not exceed 10 thousand.

Lives She is the one with my son, so that fits almost any option the average refrigerator. I found it a suitable option, precisely on its requirements. And the first payment was not, and delivering low-cost, called dictated everything: the address of the store, model, taking into account the cost of credit, even in what corner sits a credit officer and the name of the loan officer. But apparently did not realize I was a very simple thing, human psychology.