Ana Spencer

We require form men and women of bien, responsible, who are able to face the world that touches them with robust tools and touch them live. Let us not lose sight that generations of our children, they will be the adults of tomorrow need to let foster children destitute, unable to face their own obligations, that the parents of today, have been given to the task to solve them all by each skill the child can do and who you do it yet, is making it a person who does not use its resources and develops paraquad become right-handers resolve them all takes us to form Brats who feel they deserve everything, and that Furthermore, the formation of character and personality, is them achatamos in addition to that it is important to convey that our love for them, also means to say, many times not this is a call to parents so that they rethink their ways and means of educating, thus they meet socially their parteducate the offspring and deliver children of well to society. Some of the treated topics in these articles can affect its findings with regard to the topics of human relations, if so, write me and yes no, also in Cecreto can advise in this regard and we have workshops and courses, besides that you can get quality of life booklets: am Ana Spencer I’m a clinical psychologist and I have several specialties in piscoanalisis, Advisor to humanistic and gestalt therapy. Practical teaching for the training of therapists. I participate in various radio programs, newspaper and TV story with a center of human development, in which we are working to the maximum to exploit the strengths of individuals, relations between parents and children, couples and educational communities… Besides that we are a socially responsible company that also deal with community for women of escazos resources progrmas. My mission is to the health and quality of emotional life. We give courses and workshops anywhere on the planet. Blogs related to propose an upbringing without violence Gazette Ucayalina father’s day 2010 The Blog alternative Spanish word of the day: however of the basic modes in the EOS 1000D C A F T I T or Can I Buy The Beneficial Interest In My Son’s House? Bankruptcy cynical government attitude towards unemployment: CILAS film only them (The boys are back) 17/or are wont quit smoking pot, what course of action should I letters to the Editor: does father’s day? From what parent? “The tree” yoga posture journal Healthy life.