A simply worded definition of chemotherapy and the usual sequence from the start of treatment up to the hopefully successful completion of therapy of chemotherapy is to individually administered, certain drugs (chemotherapy), which effectively damage the tumor cells responsible for the disease, or kill. The active ingredients of the drugs are either naturally occurring or man-made substances. Their mode of action is in disorder which leads finally to a halt of tumor growth (Zytostase) and the death of the tumor cells (cytotoxic effect) of tumor cells, cell division. It is medical progress, that the used chemotherapy drugs no longer inevitably accompanied by strong and debilitating side effects. Chemotherapy today represents a highly effective, modern treatment, the effect of which is optimized and whose Nebenwirkungen increasingly are minimized. General course of chemotherapy – chemotherapy stations is to cure in reviewed periodically, in so-called cycles. A cycle includes the day on which the cytotoxic drugs are administered, and the subsequent break with the treatment-free days (typically three weeks) during which you want to recover the body.

The length of a cycle and the number of cycles depend on the choice of the administered medication and growth behavior of the tumor and the physical Constitution of the patient. If the chemotherapy in the oral form on the basis of individually dose Tablet gift is conducted, it can be done at home after consultation and contact with the attending physician. Usually, however, is indicated outpatient treatment in a clinic. The medication is cycle right in several hours infusions.