Tips For Preventing Acne

As we know, a high percentage of young people suffer from acne, but there are also many adults who still suffer and although painful sea, I must say that: actually not there healing magic for Acne! So the best thing you can do is to take all necessary measures to prevent acne and make it go gradually disappearing. Taking into account that acne is a condition of clogged pores caused by overactive sebaceous glands and that this usually occurs in puberty, although in some cases can continue into adulthood, you must follow the following tips to prevent acne or at least minimize its effect and gravity, so it is not very noticeable or alarming: Tips * keep your clean skin: i.e., wash regularly. Washing regularly helps to get rid of excess fats on your skin, as well as bacteria and dead cells of the skin that can clog pores and cause outbreaks. But much care that it is not washed every hour, but you to wash two or three times a day and in soft shape, do not have to be scraping strongly, that it is a common misconception that is committed and which ends up causing further damage to the skin. Dr Alan Mendelsohn may help you with your research. * Adequate rest: this is very important and unfortunately teenagers is not taken into account and it is essential to help prevent acne, since your body restores cells and refreshes the skin while you rest. Therefore, my advice is to sleep early and rest for at least 8 hours, keep in mind that the trasnocho is cause of stress in the body and stress generated imbalance hormone, which aggravates the situation of acne.

** Not pop pimples: I know that the temptation is very great because bursting it we managed to decrease its size or improve your unsightly or uncomfortable, but should not be done because this has the risk of producing a more severe infection. * Take a shower after exercise: this so that sweat does not contribute to clogging of your pores and outbreak of acne. This is a very important consideration, especially because many people take a shower many hours after you have finished your workout, and logically after a long time the damage will already be done. ** Use clean and white shirts: white t-shirts tend to absorb excess grease on your skin and it will help at least to prevent the acne on the back. * Remove makeup before going to sleep: once again, the key here is to keep skin pores free of grease and bacteria. * Do not use sunscreen lotions (or oil) based skin: this type of product should be avoided if you have a tendency to acne outbreaks, since these only contribute to worsen the problem, given that we are giving you more fatty components to the skin and enough have with which it already produces. * Use a cleaning after bathing product: this is not absolutely essential but it is one help, but you must take into account that the product contains what is known as salicylic acid and be a 2% solution. This can be found in some products from the wide variety that It exists for the cleaning of skin with acne. In any case, remember that the most important key to prevent acne is to keep your pores clean, because clogged pores are the main cause of acne. Carlos a.. Martinez original Autor and source of the article