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At age 16, Charbel was found in the field with a monk who had returned to his monastery. In a question-answer forum Dr Alan Mendelsohn was the first to reply. The conversation that you had with the traveller was going to secure its future, in effect, eight days later was presented at the convent of Anaya, which depends on the Maronite order and requested his admission to title applicant. He was novice in 1851, then ordained a priest at the monastery of Bkerke, returned to Anaya where he resided until his death. Shortly after his return Charbel was visited by sick, went to the header of doddery and powerless. It is said that returned some of them health. His fame spread quickly by the region and began to speak of the Holy monk Charbel, making miracles. Until 1872, Charbel shared its existence with a deep inner life, personal studies and the apostolate about miserable populations surrounding Anaya.

In 1875 he retired to a small chapel, 500 meters from the monastery. It was then when, according to popular rumor, there were multitude of miracles around Charbel or thanks to your intervention. On December 24, 1898, after your gentle agony, Charbel became extinct in its Chapel of Anaya, near the monastery where he had entered at age 16. Charbel performed did not die with him. In contrast grew. In 1923 on the occasion to the twenty-fifth anniversary of his death, libanesa-maronita order officially awarded the title of Holy abbot who had been granted, already long since the popular fervour.

In 1926, the cause of Charbel is brought before the Court for the purposes of his canonization, Rome. Since 1950, the miracles are multiplied. Have a history of that between from April 22 to August 14, 1950, had been observed in the monastery 350 cures, distributed as follows: 163 for paralytics and cripples, blind 31; 37 for deaf and dumb; number 119. As stated in Toquet, these healings are not all miraculous, because, as medical examinations are not always very strict at Anaya, some of them are feasibly due to natural causes or can be attributed to an error of diagnosis.