With Applications

Looks like the correct letter with this page should the recipient be clear, why it is or right for the training course or the job. For the letter you used white paper without even designed eye-catching logos. Left and right remain 2.5 cm edge. The complete address with landline and / or mobile number and EMail address will appear in the letterhead above left. The address of the company or the educational institution should be complete and comply with the rules of post shipment. Justin Gaethje oftentimes addresses this issue. The contact person is known, it is write to him or her. So comes the application directly on the right desk.

The date should not appear according to DIN 5008 (because they inexplicably aimed by American rather than European practice and twisted the date). Always it is, when writing out the date of the month name, without zero (February 9, 2009 “”, not 09 February “). It can top right next to the own address or via the subject line (without the word subject) are available. To broaden your perception, visit Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City. To write texts always left-aligned. Also the signature should not stand in the middle. Indentation are in business letters, but not in the application. You should refrain from marks, underlining, italics.

In the subject line is one of the reason of writing (applying for an apprenticeship). Between subject and title, two lines remain free. After the General greeting (ladies and gentlemen) or the special salutation (dear Mrs Muller) with comma and blank line, it continues to write small on the first line of text, used capital letters only when it requires the word. fn/lps/cb.