The Healing Atravez Del Arte

For many seem ridiculous that intense dialogues can be established with ourselves and more even with areas specific to the Agency. But the idea is, that as we are extremely graphics in expressing ideas through gesture, gestures and words, to our partners.This turn it towards ourselves. THE LAW OF RESONANCE. All agencies, including the inert, are able to reply to messages sent to its outer periphery, as well as to the external. You can use color, sound, movement, emission of waves or movement. Advanced holistic, to demonstrated the existence of a structure in the brain physiology, which not is neither more nor less, equivalency to a music box or resonator. Linked to the hypothalamus, the Corpus Callosum, Cortex Superior and Cordon Encefalico. Any technique of meditation, that will take us to the State deeper relaxation, in a manner such that we can enter a trance sustained “concentration in a manual activity or mental will be sufficient.

But for that? If we use images or a concentrated sense, about what We wish to cure. Brin-giving us enough time.Cells emits an immediate response. Only that, may be transmitted with the sensation of pain, heat, itching sensation, pressed – tion and up to vibration of the focused body. Or is that images, ideas, feelings or words should be used. If we master the art of painting, we first develop a sketch.If we master the pencil sketch or you are a graphic designer. Also recurriras to the resource preliminary sketch, because it must be in – study and give perspective to the organ or area, by working. Thereafter, whenever you work on it, you must understand it as the activity of restoration and regeneration of your body, your health. Taking all the necessary time to feel it.

If you’re a composer or writer, you should understand that the words written in a verse text u narration, created an impact marked in your brain. Especially if you’re able to decla – sea u dramatize for yourself. For workers more anxious of your body: cells. Without a doubt, when you get finished a painting of your body, recreandolo with colors more vivid and this same shimmering in health. Already at this height, you started to retrieve the room-mobility of communication through art. The same can be achieved using sculpture, ceramics, metallurgy, etc I am a hard account histories. But I really like listening to stories.