Special Education Professors

formation of professors for the mental and deficient deficient education of of the audio-communication for the University the Catholic of Campinas? PUCCAMP? Campinas? SP. Postgraduate in Special Education? a vision integrator for the So Lus College? Jaboticabal? SP. Pedagoga in the School of Special Education ‘ ‘ Joilda Marra Pozzi’ ‘ – APAE of Pirassununga? SP, in Operational system CEDAP – Center of Studies and Development of the Autismo and Patologias Associates and Interpreter of POUNDS in the Social Service of the Industry, CE 290 in the city of Pirassununga – SP. Summary: This research if considers to understand the process for which its inclusion concerning its life passes the deaf person in relation, either familiar, social and pertaining to school it, in which this is inserted. In this way, better to clarify the boarded subject, one searchs, an analysis through a bibliographical research with theoretical basement, leaving of a critical and dialgica reading from the presented authors, weaveeing its contributions in relation to the boarded subject portraying the thematic one of the inclusion of the deaf person of diverse forms. This article is subdivided in topics that if ‘ initiates with the construction of the citizen; ‘ surdo’ ‘ , that due to its lack of hearing it will occur of different form of the one of the listener. After that it portraies one of the factors most important for the development of this person who is its family, not leaving to lead in consideration that is it who of a base so that this individual can develop itself integrally and obtains to continue inside with independence of the school and the society, that also are two thematic boarded ones in this study. Finally is clarified it importance of the Brazilian Language of Signals? POUNDS, as first language of the deaf community, becoming necessary so that this individual acquires its language of significant form, favoring this so argued inclusion.. .