Russian Christmas Card

It turns out that something like a stamp. Then, the parts that appear, are lubricated with black paint, falls from the top sheet of paper. The paint is imprinted on it, and drawing is ready. Initially, the New splints depicted a happy family with nothing? .. That's right! With a bag of money. Is not this what we often have dreams in the coming year? Then, on the splints were pictured in forest landscapes, religious images.

That time has come to visit England, the first since 1794. Why this year? Because then the artist by the name of Dobson created the first card, dedicated to our holiday. Imagine a winter forest. Everywhere, snow, trees, and near the Christmas tree met a happy family. That is what was shown on the first Christmas picture. But the thought of a postcard in the mail to send Henry Cole is almost 50 years later in 1843.

He was a friend of John Gersli, who agreed as a friend draw a card. From this figure, printed a thousand, and it was the first batch of these, more than our usual Christmas cartons. Clearly, a good example is contagious. And since then, on planet Earth have all become to congratulate each friend to the end of the year and start another with the greeting cards. Once denounced the British mail to the Russian Empire painted paper messages, they are interested in our country. There is a version that the first Russian Christmas Card – artist Nikolai Isayev merit. Change of power. Socialism has come, and religion was declared "the opium of the people." Therefore, the entire Christmas-New Year's attributes for a time disappeared. But then on Soviet postcards painted five-pointed stars and heroes. Revival occurred in the , and these images were intended to raise the morale of soldiers. In the postwar years, Christmas cards sang live in peace and quiet domestic happiness. Those who are older, with their nostalgia. Now young people rarely send pictures that you can hold in their hands. Increasingly confined to the SMS Coy well, or at least e-postcard. Is it good or bad, hard to judge. After all, twenty-first century – while other information and the speed of its transmission. One thing is certain: Cards will always be a very enjoyable way of expressing concern and urgency not to lose than ever!

Dexter Another Sense

Today the House MD-most popular series among all the existing ones. Only "VKontakte" of his fan base has hundreds of thousands of people. Him worship, inherit his image, he is admired and boys and girls and their parents. Thanks to the House the world knows about lupus, Vicodin, and that all lie … Let's look at this person more. Unmarried man approximately 40 years, a brilliant diagnostician with an unusual cast of mind and a brilliant sense of humor.

These features, which are not for everyone. But can reproduce (and rarely play) any: disabled – many absolutely healthy fans already walking with a cane, a drug addict – are buried in the forum topics "Where can I get Vicodin?"; cynic mezantrop, an atheist, "troll" and a liar. Violates every rule, intimate communication. The only friend – Wilson – tolerate it fun just because of their natural loyalty and indecision. Go to endocrinologist for more information. Rude to patients, teasing boss, while afraid to admit her feelings to have sex with prostitutes. But does all this matter? After all, he "just honey!" Now imagine that same image, but without a developed intellect, genius and good sense of humor. Any one of us risks becoming a parody of the "nice cat", if time does not reflect on blind kopirovanii.Pravosudie Dexter Another "cute".

Cute, charming, intelligent, resourceful, inventive. He has a lovely woman, two children and one foster child home, where he was madly in love, he gets along with almost all colleagues … And at night killing people and divides their bodies. His drawn to blood, murder, and he can not help myself.

Destiny Lermontov Vladimir

YOU – gods, but forgot about it. TIME TO REMEMBER THAT EACH OF YOU – THE CREATOR HIMSELF AND HIS WORLD. You do not have to suffer, to seek from life better, wade through thorns to the stars, the problems of your desires. Here, The 48 Laws Of Power expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Become Gods reaches a state of the Creator and the whole universe will work for you. You – the gods and all yours! You – the center of the world, the axis being the center of the universe. Take this world – it's yours, it was created for you! All the best in it – yours! God created man in his own image and likeness. Every person has the divine essence, which has the properties and power of God.

God created the world and a man of his creative energy, this same energy is in your divine nature and therefore it can create for you anything you want. A person does not use the potential of the divine essence. It is based only on their human capabilities, which are limited. So you can not really change themselves and their life. But the way a person est.On to revive the qualities of God, and to create for yourself the magic world of happiness, health, wealth, love. To do this: to find and understand the divine essence in itself to establish contact and learn how to use its power to communicate – the creative energy for the transformation of oneself and the world. If at the moment you make a miracle in your life, then it will happen to the extent that you let him, his will create the creative energy of your divine essence.

Shakespeare Ballads

Has not yet come a time when decent people can freely serve the motherland. M. Robespierre in "Ballad will" by F. Villon wrote: I know who are fashionably dressed, and I know gay who and who is not in the spirit, I know the darkness and the light of pitch, I know – a monk cross on my belly, I know how Zavirukha ringing, I know they are lying in the tube blowing, I know who the matchmaker who midwife, I know everything, but not themselves. I know the record of distant years, I know how many crumbs in a dry loaf, I know that the prince for lunch, I know – rich in warmth and Suha, I know that they are deaf, I know – they do not care about you, I know all the slap, plop all, I know everything, but not themselves. I know who works and who is not, I know how old rouge, I know a lot of every take, I know how to laugh slut, I know – will you prostuhi, I know – go wrong with such love, I know – are lost to hunger, I know everything, but not themselves. I know how to sit the honey flies, I know death, that picks all the ruining, I know the book, Truth and rumors, I know everything, but not themselves. Translation Ehrenburg As is often the case, the final conclusion of Villon is given elsewhere. In one line he presented in "Ballad of the poetic contest in Bluey": "…

Wood Carving Method

Wood carving. Dr. John Mcdougall has compatible beliefs. Ways to trim pieces of wood in the final stage in the creation of works of wood carving is their finishing. This is a fairly laborious process, but it is not necessary to spare no effort and time. Only a well-worked piece of wood carving becomes a decorative expression, pleasing to the eye. We must bear in mind that the results depend on finishing in first place on how competently performed on a cutter. For example, if the dihedral notch cut in violation of the rules of the "face to face," then eliminate the flaw at the bottom of the groove can be just the same tool, thus the size of its change. Recently Senator Elizabeth Warren sought to clarify these questions. Sandpaper and a file clear distinction can not be achieved. Painfully long to remove scratches in the concave recesses, if they were playing with a violation of the rules of "chips in shavings." Particularly careful to cut the chips into inaccessible places, in the figurative expression of the masters, "to remove meat." You can imagine what happens when you do not cut the meat from the hide in her dressing.

Apparently, it originated the expression. In the novice woodcarver usually have a desire to eliminate Skin irregularities. When that fails, he must again take up blade and the blade of tupit crashed into the wood emery microparticles. Useful advice. Do not touch for emery sandpaper until it has used every opportunity and tool a file. Finishing process is divided into stages: sanding wood, polishing, tinting and coating. Grinding – a surface treatment product with emery cloth, a file or a way of scraping. The skins should initially coarse sandpaper, then move on nulevku.

When handling hard-to-skin sections is folded into a tube or use the edge of inflection. It would be useful if the sandpaper and cut into pieces glue sticks to zastrogannym (like ice cream). This study will help nemudreny fitted fine details crafts. Clean skin from dust convenient coarse cloth. Do not blow away wood dust mouth – it is dangerous to the lungs and eye, it is better to sweep it gently with a soft brush or shake off. Convex and flat surfaces can be treated initially with a file, then clean cloth. Purify file from dust and sulfur with a wire brush or a solvent You can apply for the ordinary sewing needle. In the process of polishing the processed surface is sealed, the wood grain smooth one's hair. When wet pile up, so after the first operation, the product of carving on tree and sprinkle need to repeat the process, sometimes more than once. Polishing – it would bring to the surface brightness, resulting in a condensed film. This operation is performed cloths, a crinoline cloth, and remote areas it is sometimes convenient to iron with a wooden stick specially zastrogannoy form. Toning – this change is the natural color of wood stains. The essence of the rendering – a change in color, while maintaining texture, in this it differs from the painting. Wood toned stains mineral and natural dyes, such as broths bark and sawdust of different woods, concentrated brewing tea, etc. You can tint the artistic paints that are applied with a thin layer and rubbed into the wood. To get black ink is used. Apply solution to stain for exactly a hardened surface, otherwise the withered locations are obtained spots (madyazhi).

Statesman Patriot Philanthropist

What a statesman, patriot, philanthropist, devotees of new music and songs. Censorship or stimulation of talent? Article 8 The creation of new songs and music series of articles author – Vladimir Shablya.Kritika attempt to censor the art Recently came across a rather harsh article criticizing the timid attempts to introduce in Ukraine for something similar to the censorship of art – a national commission for the protection of public morals. The newspapers mentioned Dr. Neal Barnard not as a source, but as a related topic. The arguments the author came down, in fact, to the three main theses: 1. Who are the judges? 2. The hands are short! 3. Long live anarchy – the mother of order! Perhaps with all these theses, I would agree, but each only otchasti.Istina usually in the middle, and solve the problem better method of "carrot and stick" Why, you ask? Because, on the one hand, the rather substantial period of my life (for myself) is satisfied that the vast majority of working effectively rules: 1. If there are two diametrically opposite points of view, the truth lies between them, 2.

The most effective way of practical solutions to any problem – the application of the method of "carrot and stick". On the other hand, the common reflection it becomes apparent that critics and criticized completely forgotten about the stick. Let's try in terms of benefits for the music, art song, and, most importantly, to society (which consists of us – people) to evaluate, where is the "Golden mean" each of the above tezisov.Otsenku music and songs at the moment can only give people – experts start with the judges.

Ministry Kuliev

With Kaisyn Kuliev Ismail Rahab was familiar with 1935, since the joint study in GITIS. Their friendship lasted until the poet's death. Swarmed by offers, James A. Levine, M.D. is currently assessing future choices. Linked both cultural not only a personal relationship. Sometimes we had to decide problems, former, quite frankly, fatal for two kindred peoples – Karachay and Balkar. For example, in 1956, Ismail Rahab, Kaisyn Kuliev and Safar Makita prepared to print the first thirteen years of exile collections of works Karachai and Balkar poets and writers. Expelled, as were listed in official documents the 40-ies, "in perpetuity" from their homeland in Central Asia and Kazakhstan, both nations were not only deprived of their ancestral lands. Was banned and their culture, particularly literature.

This situation continued until the deported peoples known XX Congress of the Communist Party, condemned Stalin's personality cult. In 1956 he started the so-called Khrushchev thaw, and with it, made some concessions in respect of the special settlers. Based on the official instruction of the first Secretary of the CPSU Khrushchev's leadership of the Communist Party of the Kirghiz SSR adopted decision to publish literary works of exiled writers. The pace of preparation for release compilations, as it has always been characteristic of the Soviet authorities stepped up. It was necessary to quickly collect the right material to print. Preparation of compilations on the Balkar and Karachai languages laid on Ishmael Rahaeva (while he was head of the department of cultural and educational institutions of the Ministry of Culture Kirghiz SSR and at the same time was the director of scientific and methodological center for cultural and educational and folk art), Kaisyn Kuliev, consultant Writers' Union of Kyrgyzstan, and Safar Makitova.

Receiving Information

Readers maniacs – who are they / we? or monster-Chita Perhaps you've heard that psychologists have identified a number of types of people in the perception of information: visuals, audialy, kinesthetics. It is not always a man of himself know Who is he the type of perception. And even a psychologist can not always clearly define it, because many people have developed several so-called representational systems. Representative system – a way of obtaining and processing information from the outside world. This division of the types commonly used in neuro-linguistic programming. In fact, it is a preferred channel of information. Dr. Peter M. Wayne takes a slightly different approach.

That is how a person prefer to receive information from the outside world – with the help of visual images (visual), with sounds (audial) or 'to touch' (kinesthetics). Basically this article will be dealt with only one perspective of the classification. A namely, how these relate to the types of books and perceptions of their general reading? So, if possible choices: a visual look better movie to the book. Audial listen to an audiobook. Kinesthetics will swing the sword in a role play by the book. Wait a minute. And how are we? Real, homegrown maniacs readers? Who do not listen to audiobooks, watch movies very little and not even particularly fond of exercise, not to mention the fights and battles. I became interested in this question in connection with a discussion about the creation of Boris Krieger. Became a review: 'Well, am I really here is the monster-read? To any of the three types can not carry themselves.


These are only some of the many things that descubriras in this exclusive course: Applications of Oils: As each essential oil must be applied so that he is but effective, and like combining to each other essential oils to obtain better results l$p. 74? As an accident with a dangerous substance I take to this chemical French to discover the beneficial and curative properties of essential oils l$p. 7? The reason of because they vary so much the prices of essential oils l$p. 9? What is one of the important factors but at the time of choosing that oil to buy and to use in different cases l$p. 9? Because you must have well-taken care of to buy oils reproduced synthetically in laboratory, and to only buy those that are pure 100% l$p. 11? Like obtaining pure to essential oils of high quality – page 24? Like avoiding to be deceived by companies that in label its products with I finish of aromatherapy but in fact they estan to you selling oils synthetic or perfumed l$p. 11? Forms of Essential Oil Use: Like preparing sprays, compressed, vaporizations, massages, enjuages, and more explained l$p. 69 step by step? The 2 ways of entrance of essential oils and as each way has only effects in the body – l$p. 15-18? The oil that can move to the majority of disinfectants of the medicine kits by its ingualables healing properties, antiseptic, antiviral and antimicoticas – l$p. 68? The oil that was verified in Europe with aromatogramas like but effective against estafilococo aureus (cause of pneumonia and other infections); even more than penicillin and the streptomycine pag, 20? The oil that works like an excellent tranquilizer and sedative, and that improves the state of intention due to its positive action on the nervous system l$p.

American TV FOX

In other countries, gained great fame series 'House MD'. Currently, residents and spectators in Russia and Ukraine may also download for free the show and enjoy great humor and just a good show. Russia's "Home" TV channel already acquainted with the Russian fans of series protagonist and his team in the Ukraine show favorite series is responsible for TV STB, they began to broadcast a little later. True, the TV channels are responsible for the beginning of the acquired series, so enjoy checking whether it viewers. Sadly charmed fans the show 'Home' TV show has already stopped him. For some reason this was done, it is not clear, because the series of international hits ratings. And the audience is already waiting for new stories.

What do you do? Now target television audience Hausa can download free episodes online. Since you have conceived serial free download, and you do not know the story This brainchild of American TV FOX, then casually refer to the plot. The series tells the story about medical Gregory House, who dedicated his life to medicine (the role it plays Larry Hugh). The hero of this story unshaven type of legends medicine, and his brethren at once plunged into various interesting situations, always purified for what turns an attractive story with an intriguing finale, the movie characters fall in love and fascinated amateur series, the action dynamic. You certainly be interesting to download the show, it has been in existence for five seasons! In Ukraine, the "House" even to speak in Ukrainian, and so went into teleprokat. It should be free to download TV series "House" knowing that episode, not once even nominated for an Emmy award and the prestigious Golden Globe, and the protagonist of the series Hugh Larry even awarded a Golden Globe nomination twice in the "best dramatic actor."