Selfhealing Powers

Every human being has the ability to heal itself. Also you can think more than you! Become your own healer of your own healer. Learn to activate your self-healing and to protect themselves. Their mental powers are your tools”, which lead to this change. In the weekend seminar self healing and self protection “under the direction of awareness trainer and naturopath Stephanie Merges, as well as the psychotherapist and Dipl.Soz.” Teacher Monika Woll, step by step learn to activate your own self-healing powers and thus to initiate change processes that are geared to healing your body.

Physical or mental disorders cause blockages that hinder the harmonious flow of energy in our body. These blockages, the energies can flow freely again, and thus enable the self-healing. Everyone has a body’s intelligence. If you get in connection with this, it will help you to come into harmony and to be healthy. In the seminar of self-healing and self-protection”, you have the chance to set itself on harmony, health and healing. Here are the most important data of the seminar: when: Friday, 2008-16:00 until Sunday, 09.03.08 – 16:00 where: Centre Gutlersberg, Stephanie merges Wang Gutlersberg 7, 84359 Simbach / Inn registration: Stephanie merges Wang phone 08574-912577 or email: all the information about the seminar read also in the merging Service Center patienten.html contact for the press: Lilli Cremer Altgeld: