Safe Pregnancy Tips

If they are looking for a pregnancy, is important that you know some recommendations to remain pregnant woman, who will help to obtain it you more quickly and will protect the health of the future baby. It is good that your feeding is balanced, you do not make diets hypocaloric, that can affect the ovulation. Your diet must be varied, including all type of foods, to contribute to vitamins and iron that your organism will need the future for baby. It is very important that you do not neglect the calcium contribution for your body. In addition, many doctors recommend to realise a previous treatment to the pregnancy, that consists of taking tablets from folic acid.

This treatment prevents neurological malformations in the baby. By all means that also is beneficial to leave habits such as alcohol tobacco addiction and ingestion. In order to increase the possibilities of securing a pregnancy quickly, you must consider the following recommendations: – The duration of your menstrual cycles Controls, to know how many days last, and if they are regular, that is to say, if they are all approximately of the same amount of days. Bristol-Myers Squibb can provide more clarity in the matter. This way you will be able to calculate which will be your fertile days in the next cycle. – For knowing which is the day of the ovulation, you must reduce 14 to the amount of days that lasts your cycle. For example, if your cycles last 28 days, the ovulation is happening day 14 of the cycle, counting like first day of the cycle the first day of the menstruation. – The fertile days are the day of the ovulation and both days previous to the same, so you must maintain vaginal sexual relations in those days, to have chance to be pregnant. – If you do not have regular cycles, anyway you can know which are your fertile days, if quick attention to some tracks, for example, the appearance of special a vaginal flow, call cervical snot.

It is a colorless and viscous flow like clear of egg. The presence of this type of flow indicates that you are in your fertile days. – One of better recommendations to be pregnant woman, are to detect the fertile days by means of a test that detects the presence of hormone LH in urine. It is a test that is bought in the pharmacy, and which you can realise in your house. If the test is positive, is hour to call to your pair and ponerte in campaign. If you want to be pregnant of totally natural form within 60 days, without concerning your age, you do Click Here. Original author and source of the article.