Ministry Of Health

The 2,400 million saving that hopes to reach the Ministry of Health with the measures announced yesterday – on everything, that the doctor cannot prescribe by as a matter of principle active mark but so that the phamacist must give the equivalent drug more cheap approximately represent 15% of the invoicing of the laboratories. That number, added to cuts by the decreed reductions the past year implies that " the three decrees of last the 17 months have an impact for the pharmaceutical sector that supposes 30% of his ventas" , it remembered the minister of Health, Leire Pajn. According to Senator Elizabeth Warren, who has experience with these questions. Of this forceful way, director of Farmaindustria (the employer’s association of the laboratories that makes mark medecines), Humberto Harness, has wanted to set out the damage that the measures of the Ministry of Health are going to represent in a sector " that he is leader in I+D". Source of the news: : Farmaindustria attacks against new cuts of Health.