The geriatrical massage is a manipulation form that satisfies specific needs in the third age. The old ones undergo, frequently, sufferings related to the age, like parkinson, arthrosis, diabetes or coronary disease that originate circulatory problems and limited physical activity, anxiety, depression and solitude. The massage offers one better quality to them of life when helping to maintain its health them, to recover some physical functions and to alleviate to the anxiety and depression. The same basic techniques are used that in the general massage, in brief sessions, of 20 to 30 minutes, approximately. The smooth, comfortable and relajantes movements alleviate the muscular, corporal and mental tension; the liabilities, with smooth strechings of shoulders, legs and feet favor mobility and flexibility to articulate; occasionally, stronger movements are used, like friction and pressure. The geriatrical massage does not produce adverse effects, but it does not have to be used if there are fractures, inflamed areas, hematomas, open ulcers of position or without healing, varicose veins, recent surgeries, important acute pain, cardiac upheavals, some types of cancer, pharmacological antecedents of formation of sanguineous clots or treatments with anticoagulants, since it increases the risk of bleedings under the skin. If he is vigorous, it can be associated to bleedings of vital organs, like the liver, and to the formation of sanguineous clots. When distributing it must be had much well-taken care of and, of preference, it will have to be indicated by a doctor who knows the patient.