KVM SwitchRack Console

the 2-in1 KVM switch Rack Console on the Interop Las Vegas 2008 Zurich, Switzerland (April 16, 2008)-minicom advanced systems, a leading developer of KVM switching and extension technology, unveils its latest solution – one combined KVM switch and KVM console drawers the SmartRack 116/116 IP on the this year’s Interop in Las Vegas, April 27 to May 2. With the 2-in-1 device users between 16 devices can switch individually control them and access them. The entire SmartRack product line is equipped with 17 “TFT LCD screens equipped. Learn more about this with lee marks. The SmartRack is the SmartRack 116 for local access and the SmartRack 116 IP for combined local and remote access in two versions available. Those who first get the SmartRack 116 and after some time to determine that they need but the remote access and control feature can upgrade 116 IP without further the device to the SmartRack, without having to replace the rack console with. SmartRack 116IP is KVM.net-fahig and you can see use whose management screen, which it offers the ideal solution for those who are looking for centralized management.

KVM.net is a centralized management solution providing KVM IP equipment accessibility -, administration and security management. The SmartRack 116 / 116 IP Console fits storage rack space usually only 1 Hey and thus helps to savings, it lowers the total cost of ownership of server rooms by Rackspace keeps the free for other servers or devices. The SmartRack 116 / 116 IP series based on MINICOM’s innovative ROC technology, which every computer/server can connect directly to the switch via ROC via standard CAT5 cable at distances of up to 30 m in a star configuration. Ronni Guggenheim, minicom Europe describes the requirements of the market, which have led to the development of this new solution. This is the ideal solution for all the console and require switch together. The most server racks, both need a KVM switch and a rack console to the server to control. Why should you purchase two separate devices are compatible or not compatible with each other eventually when you get both along with a manufacturer, which ensures their compatibility? This 2-in-1 solution reduces the cable confused Warr and makes life on the rack less risky and also flexible. Both the SmartRack 116 (www.minicom.com/ kvm_smartrack116_ger.htm) and the SmartRack 116 IP are available now.

More information about Minicom’s KVM solutions, see kvm_ger.htm. There are white papers (www.minicom.com/ white papers_ger.htm) to download free of charge the possibility or to request an online demo on the link online IP demo (www.minicom.com/ requestdemoipger.cfm). Information about minicom advanced systems minicom advanced systems is a leading manufacturer of KVM server management solutions that simplify the control of company and company-wide IT environments. Minicom is a leader in the development of multimedia transmission systems for digital scoreboards. Over 150,000 Screen panels display their content via minicom technology worldwide. The company was founded in 1988, is present in over 70 countries worldwide and has regional headquarters in North America and Europe. Minicom was in 2006 to the “Deloitte Technology Fast 50” companies named, an award for successful technological innovations and business growth.