Haro Shift Bike

Willing to risk and ride on trails where no one had gone before? Bicycles Haro xc TrailPod name of this category lies an aggressive riding style of 'biker', teeming with many skilful elements. Steep climbs and descents, riding on large rocks, tree roots, small jumps. 4.5 'or 5-inch stroke, balanced geometry for the descents and ascents, low weight and high reliability. Bike Haro Shift R3Etot bike is perfect for riders who need dvuhpodves with decent equipment to explore the cross-country skiing at the same time do not want to break your piggy bank. This model – the perfect combination of price and quality, as do most bike haro.Velosiped Haro Shift R1Etot bike has the same frame as the Shift R3, so you'll have the opportunity to improve your bike to your liking. Bike Haro Flightline those who slowly moves away from recreational skating and wants to get well stuffed hardtail, and also for those whose budget does not allow us to acquire dvuhpodvesom.

Flightline Expert – an ideal choice for novice riders. Components of a serious level were chosen in order to save weight and high reliability. Haro Bike Flightline those who need a serious mountain biking for those who skate for a long time and priemuschestvenno on the road. For progressing in the sport riding and reaching the stage where needed a more efficient and easier velosiped.Velosipedy Haro xc SportV this category – obedient bikes for beginners, specifically designed for driving on prepared trails and dirt roads.