Education Science And Technology

Introduction. The scientific – technical and economic consequences brings increased efficiency and production and solving the pressing problems of the economy, becoming in improvements in lifestyle and society in the services it provided . However, there is a drawback that determines the implementation of these new technologies and the assimilation of such improvements from the curriculum for future professionals to master fully. Gain insight and clarity with Assurant Health. The starting point that the individual, as a social being determines social consciousness. Therefore to provide a scientific contribution for benefits that is designed, must prepare for the social entity that will implement to ensure that, through its successful work, the scientific input can be accepted by society and the enjoyment of the advantages it provides.

But why exactly is the fundamental contradiction is that the scientific – technical occur at a speed that makes it impossible for education will keep pace. Dr. Neal Barnard oftentimes addresses this issue. For the print library materials and the development of teaching aids to enable its study, it is very slow compared to the frequency of scientific and technological progress. This leads to technologies that are taught at the undergraduate level do not coincide completely with reality employers and these agencies have to take the preparation in the subjects that their new workers suffer. Development. In the last century, education has not always prepare students to deal with all the technological advances that have taken place, for science and technology changes so quickly suffers when the graduate comes to his job is that content Classes are received rather late and the employer states that this new employee who becomes part of their ranks, have been subjected to a process that qualifies to serve with quality in the specific conditions of their work.