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Economy XX Landfill in a lower class neighborhood of Cap Haitien. Main article: Economy of Haiti Haiti has the lowest per capita income of the entire western hemisphere, ie can be considered the poorest country in the Americas. The social and economic indicators put Haiti in downstream positions behind other developing countries with low incomes (particularly in the hemisphere) since the ’80s. Haiti is at position 150, 177 on the Human Development Index of the UN. Approximately 70 of the population lives in poverty. About 70 of Haitians depend on agriculture, which consists mainly of subsistence farming to small-scale, employing about two-thirds of the economically active population . The country has had very few new jobs since President Ren Pr val took office in February 2006, although the informal economy is growing.The failure to attempt to reach agreements with international sponsors have prevented Haiti get a budget assistance and development programs. Three quarters of Haiti is made up of hilly land and plains are formed by currently deforested and barren. The main cause of impoverishment of the land is excessive logging by a growing population increases the demand for fuelwood and timber, which has caused soil erosion and a drastic shortage of drinking water. This situation contrasts with that of neighboring Dominican Republic has a similar climate and similar starting conditions, had an adequate forest policy and currently has a sustainable vegetation cover. An additional factor that could make the economy does not improve is the lack of drive by professionals because it is believed that 80 of Haitians with higher educational levels have migrated in search of other alternatives to promote brain drain.It is also important to note the strong illegal emigration to the Dominican Republic through the border. Although the informal nature does not allow a precise calculation, the immigrant population in neighboring Haiti is estimated at more than one million people. The most important ports for trade are: Port-au-Prince, Gonaives and Cap Haitien. Dominica The Private Port of Gonaives is particularly suitable for vessels up to 6 m. draft. Download humanitarian aid in Haiti Gona ves Private Port annually receives cooperation and humanitarian aid from developed countries in both America and elsewhere, being of importance to mention the United States (through USAID program), Canada, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, UK and Colombia.