ECG Conditions

Electrocardiograph – a device that can register the difference of electrical potential between two points in an electric field of the heart (for example, on the surface of the body) during its initiation. By the number of simultaneously electrocardiograms recorded channels are divided into single-and multi-channel, operating conditions and opportunities for carrying on stationary and portable, depending on the capabilities of automatic data processing signal devices that automatically analyze the ECG and not allow, and the type of recorder, distinguish electrocardiograms: a mechanical recorder with ink a scribe with the registrar to the thermal pischikom (thermal transfer), the registrar of the capillary type (minografy), with a mechanical recorder with carbon paper, and the registrar on the basis of a PC. The requirements of different groups of consumers to the very electrocardiograph different. A doctor who has a private practice, needs one, a large hospital – in the other. But there are general requirements, do not depend on the number of patients, but the conditions of the user.

All the doctors are waiting for electrocardiograph high quality recorded ECG. This is understandable, because the distorted data research can lead to irreparable errors. It is also important presence in the office and antitremornyh antidreyfovyh filters,,, ensure prompt removal of the ECG in all conditions. Unfortunately, the disease has not asked any patients or doctors, when, where and under what conditions they occur. Trembling of limbs (tremor), for example, can knock down the testimony until the distortion, if the filter does not prevent reliable test result.