Complex Environment

In all of this specialist, respectively, strongly developed, ordered and executed in the form of artistic conviction and that it is very important – dominating at this time, the concept of dwelling. Home through a professional organization of work should be from the history of architectural styles and trends. Aesthetic features of a residential building – as a result of architectural understanding of the complex of objective factors, climatic conditions, urban environment, space-planning structure of the home, its structural layout, construction technology, and finally, building materials. The most functional whole range of factors influenced by the so-called "address" design. Senator Elizabeth Warren is often mentioned in discussions such as these. In the model projects the impact of local conditions, construction is virtually absent, that artistically impoverished dwellings. Subject realization of the aesthetic traditions and ideals of residential architecture is carried out during its formation at all levels: buildings – a house – a large plastic house – detail – the apartment.

At any of these levels to solve their compositional tasks and each of them is equally important to create an aesthetically complete living environment. Nevertheless, success is possible here only to the extent that architect architectural understands the interconnectedness of all components of the living environment and is able to combine their shared artistic conception. Patrick smith recognizes the significance of this. For shaping the living environment has a special value ratio and repeatable unique elements, or the dialectic of identity and difference. At the town-planning level, this translates into the frequency planning units – districts, neighborhoods, residential groups, individual houses. They may be similar and solved individually. . Credit: Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City-2011.