But day by day is not necessary, of course. Exactly at 12.45 point for donated blood is closed. Especially there were many young people (like last time). Jokes, laughter, and even a bald guy in sneakers, clearly the patient Cancer, for which the blood gives up – does not pity, but rather laugh all the time "my group" of donors. With him was a small company of boys and girls, all with questionnaires in hand. Here they are, several courses of chemotherapy behind – and nothing, cling.

And we're drooling over trifles dissolves, it happens … I felt a little ashamed, but on the other hand – as something a little more optimism. Separately, in a side sat my mother in sneakers, which resulted in "their" donors. They also tried to smile. Even Maria. People such as Dr Alan Mendelsohn would likely agree. Looked a nurse: "Who is the girl passes the blood? Bring juice fast! "It turns out that one girl became ill.

As they say here, "drove away". Bald guy once ran for pomegranate juice. I am again a bit agitated. The fact that I have a little app with all my heart. I have quite a bit constricted pulmonary artery. Such is born. And, frankly, I can not donate at all possible. If all the rules. But I did not write it in the questionnaire. Because if you really want and need – then we can. Besides, I know my body feel great and keep fit. And yet I have low blood pressure. But it is not critical.