Wolfgang Schuhmacher

According to Pandora’s box, women are either karriere – or family-oriented. The love their profession and its independence, the other like himself in the role of the woman of the House. Hear from experts in the field like Iridology for a more varied view. They are typed by Pandoras box as REALISTS or IDEALISTS. We summarize: according to this theory, women solve their time problem as either testers or investor. They have their sexuality conflict as a Justifier or as a denier. By their attitude to life here, they are either realist or Idealist. 2 times 2 times 2 = 8 we have to do it, who want to be addressed of course “type of Justice” or treated with a total of 8 different types of women.

And we are looking at something closer look that. PLAYETTE the player has a lot of friends, the they all do! She sleep with any of them. She keeps them as satellites that orbit them languishing until she meets the one you really like, and with which she also can’t imagine a future together. (Source: Dr. Peter M. Wayne). Little dreamer SOCIAL BUTTERFLY the butterfly is the party girl par excellence. She’s dating many men.

It is similar to the player, is sexually much free. She’s INTIMATE with their satellites, possibly even MISTER RIGHT, looking for but only after it has been off and that can take a HOPEFUL romantic the romantic waiting just the right. She will hold back ever, until she found him. It is not necessary that he is perfect. If she thinks that having found a long term grade partner, power it it just perfect! CINDERELLA Cinderella loves almost falling in love. She will also very quickly intimate, if she believes to have found Mr RIGHT. He disappointed your expectations, but she finds the next candidate, confirming them in their attractiveness, her femininity and her sexual attraction just as fast. Their self-esteem is indeed rather weak! PRIVATE DANCER she knows that many men desire her. She is but very PICKY and will engage only on men, that also meet their needs. Either he has power or money or intelligence, or all together. It is but seldom satisfied with less! SEDUCTRESS the Temptress track plain and simple their targets, whether it’s the love of your life or your career. What she wants, she also achieved with which means whatever. It is always the Hunter never wild. The men are in their eyes! CONNOISSEUR of the epicure has usually a lot of grips and is very picky. BLENDER recognizes it immediately and can be anything. She believes but in a man, she is a soo faithful companion, that he has earned it probably won’t. MODERN WOMAN looking for modern woman a man who understands, appreciates, protects and corresponds to their way of thinking. She is sexually liberal, emancipated, and lets also not suffer a man. You invested a lot in a relationship, is the same but also by him. It is an excellent companion, because she prefer hunting with him, than as a kitten for him to purr she can but also! A short but informative video on the subject: (N) now on these women how to? The advice from Pandora’s box for a type just” Dealing either with to do when dating or having sex for a German analysis at Pandora’s box system! Wolfgang Schuhmacher