Using Interactive Media

Nowadays, advances and technological developments have contributed to that people are increasingly more connected and communicated among themselves. The emergence of the Internet has generated the opening of markets around the world; expanded access to information products or services and facilitated the convergence media that seeks the integration of various media, in order to more efficiently meet the needs of users. Currently, companies are facing continuous changes in an increasingly competitive environment; because of the ease with which flows and information to be exchanged. The consumer has greater decision-making powers and can participate more actively in the process buying selling a product or service, which represents a golden opportunity to enable enterprises to perform their marketing campaigns; using existing means. In this sense, interactive media are presented as a new alternative; to establish communicative exchanges between organizations and their customers. If you are not convinced, visit patrick smith. Below, are they will explain the benefits of using interactive media to design plans and strategies of corporate communications; in a global context: 1.-easy access: only a computer with Internet connection, can be available any information; from any location, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year.

2. Time saving: the global market is constantly evolving and changing. So, all the events that occur there are characterized by requiring a response or urgent and immediate solution. In this sense, through interactive media (e-mail, sms, massive calls, chats, etc) can carry out a communication that allows messages to be sent and reach the receiver on the fly. 3.

Cheaper: post a message on the Web, using interactive media, is cheaper than the dissemination of a message through traditional means of communication; for this reason, they are often used widely for the promotion and advertising of products and/or services. Similarly, operating costs by automating processes and having one less than the other media maintenance. 4. Market expansion: technological globalization has allowed that interactive media can access local, regional, national and international markets.