The Skin

To place a dressing, to isolate the affected zone and to change it, always is better daily. For an additional security it applies tape (sticky tape) on the plaster. Also you can apply skin double (Compeed is the more well-known trade name, although also anyone of characteristic similars can merit) once zone is disinfected, and not to retire the dressing until it falls by he himself. If it heals correctly, the superficial skin of the blister will be become more thickness and it will come off a small pieces. If notes that the skin is put red, warm up, that appears inflammation in the zone, pain and purulent supuracin (of off-white, yellowish or greenish color) goes quickly to your doctor. It will indicate that there is infection. If the blister were broken single, we will wash the wound with water and soap, we apply an anti-bacterial and healing cream and cover with a dressing, sells or clean gauze. Popular remedies for the blisters To slightly rub the area with an ice cube to move away the pain that creates the formation of a blister.

To directly apply the juice of 2 or 3 teeth of garlic on the blister. Garlic has a great antiseptic capacity, is ideal to avoid infections in the blistered zones. Manzanilla is an excellent homemade remedy for the blisters. Well-known this plant by its properties antiseptic desinflamantes and, a good infusion of flowers of manzanilla boiling in water during 15 minutes, with other 5 of rest can more be than effective. You will have to apply it with a gauze on the affected zone. To prepare hot water, leaves of mint and salt. To put the feet during 15 minutes and after you dry ponte a refreshing cream. The salts absorb liquids thus absorb the liquid that is kidnapped in the blister, but really do not cure since the skin has a system of growth of the basal part until the epidermis or superficial part To apply to an aloe gel layer side if a blister bursts. The aloe side also is a good remedy to cure the blisters Good this is everything for today, I hope that it has served to you as aid, and I really wish you that they do not leave many blisters to you, because it goes bad. Original author and source of the article