Spain Hard Hit By Bad Economy

We must not forget that Spain is one of Europe’s economies hardest hit by the sub-prime crisis and will be one that further delay in economic recovery. The penalty gave the stock market values has reached extreme levels. Even today, companies that traded below their book value. Get more background information with materials from Jack Salzwedel. So today so buy such companies at market value and liquidated by value obtain an immediate accounting gain! It’s like selling a car hit me for a few euros and I sell parts disarm and obtaining a higher value than purchase. Whether a company is in its trading below its book value is all a sign and attention.

The lack of expectation about the same capacity to generate sufficient future benefits is the element that is reflected in this value. To know more about this subject visit Celina Dubin. It is also a lack of confidence in the ability of the directors of the company and to find alternatives that improve the profitability of it. What companies are currently below book value? Probably be surprised with the names provided by the Economist that identifies the following four companies that are part of IBEX35 (a privilege that is available for a few): Criteria (IBEX35: CRI), ArcelorMittal (IBEX35: MTS, NYSE: MT) Repsol (IBEX 35: REP; NYSE: REP) and Acciona (IBEX 35: ANA). Criteria Caixa Corp is an investment group with holdings in companies industrial and financial commitment to international and focused on finding long-term value through active management of its portfolio. With these criteria seem hard to believe that the current situation reflects the reality of the entity.