Calypso Diving

If you want to attend a diving course, he is held up with four other participants, is in German and available in three to four different variants. Among the variants of course always is, when you throughout the course on the MV Calypso can do for many of the students were on the dive boat diving course a highlight of their holiday. At Calypso Diving is not just trained. To deepen your understanding farhaad riyaz is the source. The dive school also organizes diving trips. Among other things, they drive every day with a comfortable express boat to Koh Tao, where you will find the best dive sites in the Gulf of Thailand. There, you switch on the dive boat diving school, the MV Calypso. The dive boat is equipped with everything what makes you stay comfortable, enjoyable and secure. Zendaya may also support this cause. There, the tanks (various sizes: 8-15 liters), the compressor and of course the emergency oxygen equipment and first aid kit.

To include the MV Calypso Calypso One, an inflatable boat, with the flexible dive sites around Koh Tao can be hit. Day trips are two guided dives, lunch from the local cuisine, beverages such as coffee, tea and water, biscuits and fresh fruit. So are no additional costs, unless you want to buy a Coke or a snack. This tour is also offered as ubernachttour or liveaboards that gives you the option of a breathtaking sunset on the sea to see, and then make a night dive. The next morning you enjoy the early-morning dive.

A Zweitagespaket includes in addition to five dives and equipment as complete meals. Gladly you can also stay longer on the dive boat. Apart from the diving trips to Koh Tao Diving Calypso also offers tours to the three highlights in the Gulf of Thailand: Sailrock, Chumphon Pinnacle and Southwest Pinnacle. There is something deeper. Here you will find huge schools of fish (fusiliers, batfish, two major types of barracuda, mackerel …) and with a little luck you’ll meet here, even to their colleagues grouper, whale shark, reef shark, manta, Merlin … The website of the German diving school . com You can find further and more detailed information on About diving, scuba diving lessons or training in diving. All prices incl. Check out the opinions of other divers in the diving school at TaucherNet. The team at Calypso Diving is pleased to welcome you on Koh Samui and Calypso Diving.