New Designs Valves

In the article "" Flight taps, "or again on the war against the valve ball valves and bolts" were considered the advantages and disadvantages of ball valves, it was found that a segment ball valves with medium sizes constructive performance plug on support major drawback is the high cost of production and a reduced term reliable operation. The reason is the constant pressing of the sealing surfaces of saddles to the surface of the sphere and the need, therefore, the exact treatment of the surface of the ball and cover it durable and corrosion-resistant materials. In addition, it was noted that today, especially in the burst the global economic crisis, the consumer is forced to abandon in favor of ball valves gate valves, faced with the operation of their shortcomings. As a result, it was concluded that it is necessary to find a simple technical decision that, based on the traditional design of ball valve, will: extend the term of its operation, reduce the time to manage, cheaper manufacturing and repair, ease of maintenance. We analyze level of technology that exists at the moment, considering specific examples of creative exploration of the technical solution. Leader in introducing new designs is the company Cameron USA (see website), which introduced a the design of their cranes innovation that enhance integrity and longevity of the closures. It boils down to the fact that the O-rings are ring gears in mesh with whom, when you turn the spherical cork, ratchets are fixed on her. .