Natural Medicine

Open the encyclopedia and read its description: – Candidiasis (thrush) – one of the varieties of fungal infection caused by microscopic yeast-like fungi of genus Candida (Candida albicans). Fungus settles on the skin and mucous membranes of all organs, they have: in the mouth (thrush) in the intestine, vagina, urinary tract. But let me tell you. It is known that various fungi, bacteria, viruses live permanently in the body rights. And that's the truth.

Without them our bodies would not have survived in the environment, even a day. The man – a symbiosis of all elements. So why there is a period when an avalanche growth of our "little brothers. And who They are micro-organisms – our enemies or friends? Now I will give a statement, one of those 10% of people involved in medicine, which are in constant search of: Alexander Chuprun – an active supporter of natural medicine and Head of the Israeli branch of the Society of Natural Medicine and author of "What syroyadenie and how to become Syroyid. A. Chuprun suggested that the apparent treatment of the problem of immunity.

Its essence lies in the fact that the organism intentionally disables immune system during infection. It is known that people suffer, as a rule, when his body is weakened, overwhelmed slags, lacks vitamins and other vital substances. It was observed that if such a condition a person picks up any infection, it reduces production of interferon. Protective force, if deliberately disabled, allowing the disease to develop.