An ancient Russian martial art strengthen mind and body just a few Germans know and practice the old Russian martial arts “Systema”. So this change, the Systema Academy Berlin organizes seminars regularly with the best teachers from Russia. The next seminar with the theme of “Healing and martial applications” will take place on the 05.11 and 06.11.11 in the Sports Hall of the HTW Berlin in the alley of the cosmonauts, and is suitable for beginners and advanced.Teaching is Mikhail Ryabko, the present Patriarch of martial arts that’s been passed down in his family from generation to generation and which he learns since his early childhood. Mikhail Ryabko operates today as a consultant of the Russian General Prosecutor at the same time member and instructor of special units of the police and the judiciary. He is winner of the honour “Spetsnaz Russia” the Russian President and an expert on tactics and psychology in the police raid and for personal protection. He is a master of unarmed combat, the gun fight and the Russian medicine. At the seminar, he will show the participants how to avoid injuries by means of breathing and movement. He will go down as one strengthens psyche and body by you let go of fear and tension.

Thereby, even weapons such as stick, knife or sword get a healing use. The name means simply “Systema”: ‘The system’ and makes it clear that is it a complete system of concepts and exercises, which significantly improves the quality of life each. The key principle of Russian Systema is nothing to do what destroyed. In Russian, there are more aptly for Systema is translated into German with the words: “Know yourself”.