Healing Subliminal Messages

The vibrations pass through the ear, where they are transformed into electrical impulses that travel along nerves in the brain. The latter interprets the impulses as sound. Similarly, information pertaining to the balance and posture is transferred to the brain, since impulses that originate in the ear. Of there the importance of auditory subliminal messages, want reflections with me sincerely, and in this reflection, we should think together, when you go to lunch or to dine at a restaurant or pizzeria, than soda first pedis but not like you say the name of a Cola soft drink, or eat food catarra in local American, knowing that that food is destructive to your healthbecause you do it? do do there is constant information that manipulates your subconscious, you want more examples, which you see in the media, good things and positvas?, not only bad news, you never thought that all that is not a coincidence, don’t you think that you are inducing to think and act in a way determined, which in turn powers will benefit them?. A person may be induced to think of a way according to the information that collects your subconscious, through auditory and visual, daily training begins with our birth, we collect information of everything that surrounds us, our upbringing, our closest relatives, our friends, our school, our work, our professions, etc. As there is a continuous manipulation through marketing and advertising from large companies and Governments to induce us to think in a certain way, consuming products massively, etc. We can also induce the subconscious thought to cure bad habits, lose weight, quit smoking, attract happiness, prosperity, abundance, enhance self-esteem, fighting insomnia, generate relaxation and health, etc. Audios of subliminal programming can correct these preformed in our subconscious, behaviors that have nothing to do with our personality, all that information was taken from our environment, and if self wants to change that inherited reality because one is not satisfied with things that they happen to us, this is an easy way and simple application where we can manufacture a new reality thrives in our subconscious.