Are you sad? Do you have a bad opinion of yourself? Do you have a feeling of helplessness and hopelessness that overwhelms you? So you got a few weeks? These are indicators of a depression. If so how you feel, surely you want to have a nice life. Fortunately, you now have AIDS to reach a more pleasant life. But remember, the fight against a depression requires much effort. Maybe your mind fool you showing you certain benefits that entails being depressed and can be reluctant to want to change your lifestyle. Today, a person who suffers from depression, it usually can obtain relief with cognitive psychotherapy or anti-depressant medications, or with both.

In the United States, 80% of people with severe problems of depression can be treated with success. The use of drugs or psychological therapies, or combinations of both usually relieve symptoms. The benefits of these two types of treatments have been proven in research experimental controlled. A large proportion of people who suffer from depression, a few months or even weeks experienced a remarkable improvement. Medications are more effective to control depression, while with psychological therapy you can get to speak of total remission. All this is good news for patients who suffer from a depression.