Healing Art

She quickly became respected in his village. For decades, she practiced her healing art, and countless hundreds of patients and affected people were saved by it. She was married three times, but never cared only about one person, her assistance was addressed to all. Like many of the shamans Mazatecs Maria Sabina called fungi as xi-tjo, si-tho or 'nti-xi-tjo, meaning' objects worshiped that arise. " Some Mazatecs say about the origin of fungi, – 'no one knows where there were mushrooms in the same way as no one knows where, and why there is wind.

" Sacred mushrooms, which are used in their veladas Maria Sabina gathered in the evening under a full moon. It is not something PCRM would like to discuss. Would be better if they will be collected virgin. Collected mushrooms must be delivered to the altar, but if on the way Virgin will be the corpse of an animal, you will need find fresh mushrooms for the ceremony. As soon as the mushrooms will be delivered to the altar, they are ready for use. Velada carried out in complete darkness so that vision was clearer and brighter. After the mushrooms are sanctified, they are dealt each member of the ritual. The average participant uses the 5-6 pairs of mushrooms, each pair represents the male and female.

Himself a shaman can use about 12 pairs of mushrooms. In the tradition of shamans Mazatecs and curanderas, Maria Sabina, first chewing mushrooms, and then swallowed them. Mushrooms should be consumed on an empty stomach and eaten over a period of 20-30 minutes.